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Artist | Student | Digital Art
My name is Teagan...age 23
I do not make any $$$ off of my art, I don't feel that it is worthy just yet...So go ahead, challenge me, grant me the experience to call myself an artist and ask me for a free request~whats the worst thing that can happen? I refuse. Doesn't seem so bad now does it?
-Anyways about me..Hmm..
I am artistic 🎨 and I crave adventure⛺️...I strive to be a good natured person by following the Dokkodo/Bushido. I like to put others before myself...I love nature🌲animals🐼video games🎮and literature📖, etc. I have a fierce side as well,💀 but only to the people that deserve it- I have some trust issues💔 because I have been hurt and abandoned so many times...Thankfully I still have a great sense of humour...I am crazy, but the good kind of crazy!
I suffer from mental illness; major depression and anxiety.
But there is a reason to why I am the way I am.
I have been through so much💩...its amazing that I've managed to survive this long...
I am a mystery you may or may not want to solve.

Skype me @; krimzon.angel


Thank you for the lovely messages AnyCartoonRP-Raphael...and by lovely messages I mean empty threats.
When you judge another you do not define them, but yourself. 
Rock Lee x Gaara by 6Insane6Girl6
Rock Lee x Gaara
My first ship believe it or not...I don't think I'll finish this
characters do not belong to me.
I drew this for a friend :iconuchihalover12:
Tagged by; :icongiorj-theblackninja:

-You should say 13 things about yourself.

-You must answer the 13 questions asked by the person who has tagged you, as well as, create 13 questions for the people you'll tag. 

-Choose 13 people YOU have to tag. [ IT HAS TO BE 13 PEOPLE! And don't write: "If you have read this, you have been tagged!"]
-MAKE A JOURNAL! Don't be lazy

"Thirteen things about myself...?"

1. I'm the youngest of four siblings like Mikey from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

2. I like to smoke Mary Jane before I write or draw.

3. I know how to live off the land.

4. I used to dress in a gothic fashion during elementary...( It scared the other kids ) 

5. I once made my own dress and wore it to a fashion show, there's a video on YouTube.

6. I plan to make my own comic book someday...

7. I had a daughter that passed away three years ago.

8. I fell in love three times in my heart was broken twice.

9. I've had a few paranormal experiences in my life...

10. I take care of a rather large family & some animals like; a cat, a dog, and some children...etc 

11. I have a phobia...thanks to my big brother.

12. My favourite animals are pandas and wolves~

13. If I could personally identify with one character it'd probably Deadpool.

giorj-theblackninja's questions

1.Is this your first tag?

No...but this is the first one I decided to accept because it looked fun instead of tedious.

2.Age and gender?

I'm 23 years old and I'm a gender-fluid female 

3.Favourite song?

"Nothing else matters" has always been significant to me by either Metallica or Apocalyptica.

4.Favourite Ship?

I'm a multi shipper of many many fandoms so that's a big question but if I absolutely had to choose one it would be John Watson x Sherlock Holmes.

5.Pink,green or black?

Green!!! (It's my favourite colour) 

6.Kawaii or creepy style?


7.If you could live in a fandom you want to live in...?

Jak and Daxter trilogy (because hover cars and jet boards) 

8. You like some youtubers?

I'm not a fan of any youtuber in particular...I mainly use that site for music 🎶

9. You know "Maze Runner","Hunger Games","Divergent" and/or "Teen Wolf"?

I know of those books, shows and movies but I haven't checked them out for myself.

10.If you could give me a new name....what would you choose?

If I could give you a new name?...Hmm...I'd call you Genesis~

11.After all this time? (ONLY HARRY POTTER FAN UNDERSTAND ME....probably)


12.Do you listen nightcore?


13.Dubstep or classic music?


⁉️My Questions⁉️

1. Who's your personal hero?

2. What animal best represents you and why?

3. If you could marry/fu*k one fictional character who would you pick?

4. Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice?

5. Would you become a Vampire or Werewolf? 

6. How has your DeviantArt experience been so far?

7. Is the someplace exotic you would like to travel to? 🌴

8. (Pick only one) Air, Fire, Water or Earth?

9. Do you believe in aliens? 👽

10. Got any weird turn ons?

11. What's the most treasured gift anyone has ever given you? 🎁

12. Which Hayao Miyazaki, Chibli movie would you want to live in?

13. What do ya think of me?

TAG!!!!YOUR IT!!!!;;
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I haven't been feeling like writing as of late but feel free to try me out on skype 
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